Mental Health

 DID YOU KNOW: “For the first time mental health conditions are among the top five disabilities in children.” In fact, “one in ten adolescents has a serious mental health issues.” But, how do you know if you are mentally healthy? How do you know if you are at risk for a mental illness? When do the normal challenges of life become illness? Click on the links below to learn more about mental health and illness in teens. Mental Health in Teens

Obesity and Nutrition

 It is no secret that obesity is a major issue for children, teens and adults in America. There are numerous causes and being at a healthy weight is more important than ever. For more information click on the presentation link. Obesity & Nutrition presentation  Also, to view a poem that one of our students wrote click on the poem link. A New Healthy Me Poem

Sexual Health

Did you know that Gonorrhea (an STD which affects millions of people every year) is on the path to becoming untreatable? What else do you need to know to keep your self safe? Click on the links below to learn more about sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy and how to keep yourself safe! Click on the links below to learn more. Teen Pregnancy Story


Peer pressure is an important component of health. Often people are pressured to be and do things that are harmful to them. But do you really understand the role of peer pressure in your life? And, what about the pressures coming from our society? Click on the links below to learn more about peer pressure and its role in teen health!

Reflections on Peer Pressure        Peer Pressure and Health


Physical Activity is an important component of health! In fact, in combination with healthy eating, physical activity can prevent several health conditions. Its important to start healthy fitness practices now in order to maintain a life of health! Check out these links below on Fitness.

Physical Fitness Information   Let’s Move Campaign

For additional resources on teen health visit:

GirlsHealthInfo and Your Body and Mind

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