Hello! My name is T’nia Hammond. I am 19 years old and I am currently attending The Community College of Philadelphia striving toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. For my final project as a Philadelphia Ujima Social Media Intern I have chosen the topic of Mental Health pertaining to teenagers and Young Adults. I have decided to inform individuals about this topic because as a young adult I feel my peers need to know more about mental illnesses and how they are impacting our generation and how they can impact future generations if some action is not taken. I hope that by viewing my project each of you can be an asset to altering the way mental health is portrayed in our society. I look forward to each of you learning something from my project. Enjoy!



Hello! I’m 14 years old and in 9th grade at Cheltenham High School. I chose to present on the topic of teenage pregnancy because it happens everywhere and I think it’s important to raise awareness.

Topic: Teen Pregnancy


My name is Terrell Moore and I attend the Philadelphia Military Academy. I am in the 11th grade. My topic is Physical Activity. I chose this project because I am a physical activity freak. I got into physical fitness when I attended orientation at my school. The orientation was for incoming freshmen. So for about a month I did physical activity or P.T. which stands for Physical Training. So that is how I became so obsessed with physical activity. I like to play football and basketball which are my two favorite sports and I wish that those were the only two sports in the world. Anyway, by the time I am finished this internship I would like everyone to know that being more active can get you to be more physically fit. When I graduate from high school I will go to college and when I’m done college I plan to go into the Navy.

Topic: Physical Fitness


I am 14 years old and I attend Cheltenham High School. I am in the 9th grade. For my 8th grade final project I decided to make my topic about Childhood Obesity. After researching a lot of information about this topic I realized that this was a perfect project topic for me because I am interested in learning more about Childhood Obesity. That’s why I have decided to create my final project for Drexel about childhood obesity.

Topic: Childhood Obesity


Hi! I am fifteen years old and attend Kensington Urban Education Academy. I am interested in pursuing a career in business and I hope to someday build a business that will help revitalize my neighborhood. I am enjoying life and love to dance!

Topic: Nutrition


Hi! I am a fifteen-year-old sophomore currently attending Central High School of Philadelphia. I have an interest in technology and programming (engineering) and also in architecture. I plan to attend college for 4 to 6 years. Hopefully things will go as I plan.

Topic: Peer Pressure

Jasmine Wall

My name is Jasmine Wall and I am a seventeen year old senior at the Shipley School. I chose to research the topic of sexual health because STD’s and pregnancy are on the rise among youth. An alarming rate of teenagers are contracting STD’s because they do not have any information about sex. I believe my job as a young person is to spread the word about STD’s and educate my peers. Moreover, I believe if more teens were aware of the different methods of contraceptives they would use them and less teens would be pregnant. After I graduate from high school, I plan to continue my path on educating teens by pursuing my dream of becoming a physician.

Topic: Sexual Health

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