Jeremiah Allen, 17

Jeremiah wrote and recorded this poem that pays tribute to his mother, whom inspired him to learn more about the programs in place to support longterm success for teen moms.

I chose Teen Pregnancy for my topic because many teenage moms struggle to have the support system they need. My inspiration came from my mother because she grew up as a teenage mom.”

Daniella Stewart, 17

Daniella produced a picture slideshow, featuring her fellow interns, of people holding signs with positive messaging to remind people they are worthy of healthier relationships.

Watch video here.

“My topic is Unhealthy Relationships and I picked this topic because I want girls to recognize when they are in an unhealthy relationship. It’s important to me because I see young girls in them all the time and want to be a voice for them”

Kenechukwu Ilodigwe, 17 & Heela Husienzad, 15

Kene and Heela produced a video that utilizes humor to communicate the dangers of using smoking to cope with stress & present alternatives for teens who might be stressed out by the demands of school but want to demand all the health risks of smoking.

Kene: “My topic is teen smoking. I chose this topic because I do not like to see people smoke. I also do not like to see teens destroy their lungs at such a young age.”

Heela: “For this project, I chose the topic of cigarette smoking among teens. My project is important to me because I do not like when people smoke around me, my family, and young ones because of the health risks such as cancer and heart disease due to second hand smoke. I also want to avoid this health issue to save others in the future.”

Tyler Soutendijk, 17

Tyler created a website to inform readers about the benefits and drawbacks of increased school security & to advocate for readers to support new legislation affiliated with the National Association of School Psychiatrists.

Increased Security in US Grade Schools

“School security has been an issue since the shootings at Columbine High School in 1999. Many high schools have grappled with the issue of addressing these issues for their school communities. In my own school there have been cameras and new security measures implemented that have entertained a new question. Are these new security measures effective and how can we come up with security measures that will maintain a healthy learning environment? Thats the question that I hope to have high schools around the nation ask in order to innovate new ways to provide school security.”

Cierra Coleman, 18

Cierra created a video by compiling inspirational and emotionally-charged clips from across the history of racist injustices in America to communicate her feelings about the injustice & to motivate others to take action.

“I chose this topic because of the recent injustices in the criminal justice system. Myself and other fellow African Americans have been outraged by the events that are going on. And personally, with me going to a predominately white institution this Fall I have to be aware of the racial inequities in the world. I hope to change that experience for fellow African Americans one day.”

Sema’J Gonsalves, 16

Sema’J created a website that serves as a resource for friends and family of teen who are suffering from depression. She wants to help people be better support systems, since familial and social support can be important to the coping process. She does this through giving information about signs and symptoms, as well as advice on how to and how not to behave when supporting someone.

Check out the website here.

Tierra Hammond, 17

Tierra made a video to communicate the emotional journey of someone in an emotionally abusive relationship.

“Long-term Effects of Emotional Abuse’ is important to me because I think it is extremely important that people recognize that just like physical abuse, mental abuse also has long term damaging effects. I have witnessed how friends or even classmates stay in mentally damaging relationships because they denied the fact it was detrimental. It is important that more young people my age know the long-term effects and do something about them before it’s too late.”

Taelyn Lewis, 14

Taelyn planned to create a website that serves as a platform to distribute her downloadable compliment cards. The cards are free to anyone who receives the link via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. The purpose of the cards is to give people reminders of self-worth to boost self-esteem.

“The reason why I chose to do research on self-esteem on teenage girls was because I used to have low self-esteem. I didn’t see anybody else in the world that was unique like me. So, I want to inform teenage girls about their true beauty and what makes them unique.”

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