IMG_3140Jeremiah Allen is a 16 year old sophomore. He currently attends Delaware Valley Charter High School (DVCHS) and is expected to graduate in 2017. Philadelphia Ujima has provided him valuable tools to understand how certain issues specifically impact teens. For his project he chose to research Gay Bashing and Bullying. This topic is important to him because many teens are not aware of the physical and psychological consequences of these behaviors. Today many teens are committing suicide because they feel overwhelmed with peer pressure. Gay bashing and bullying leads to low self-esteem. Most importantly, he has family members who have been gay-bashed or bullied. This form of homophobic abuse needs to stop because it can prevent further suicides and bad decisions.


IMG_3107Derrick Brown is a 14 year old who goes to Archbishop Carroll High School. Derrick lives in North Philadelphia with his mother and father. Derrick likes  to play basketball and video games with friends. Derrick chose the topic of HIV because he wanted to make teens more knowledgeable about HIV in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Derrick likes the UJIMA program because it gives him the critical thinking skills to enhance his project.



IMG_3103Kai Burton is a 14 year old rising sophomore who goes to Science Leadership Academy in Center City Philadelphia. While Kai isn’t involved in any school sports, she rows five days a week for Philadelphia City Rowing. Kai lives in the East Falls section of Philadelphia. Kai’s topic is Depression and the people around you. Kai chose that topic be-cause she thinks it’s important that family and friends know how to help a girl who might be depressed. This program has really helped Kai to understand the importance of presentation and collaboration. All in all, Kai thought that this was a really great experience. For her final project, Kai developed a website.


IMG_3114Cierra Coleman is a rising senior who attends Mastery Charter School. Cierra is interested in many hands on artistic activities. Her project investigated how the modeling Industry affects young girls. She believes that this is important because lots of young girls get the wrong impression of beauty based on what’s put out there in the modeling world. With low self-esteem also comes eating disorders because girls feel pressured to look like the idealized magazine image. This Ujima program is good for teens because teens are given the opportunity to choose a topic of their interest and develop a project for their peers to get the most out of.



IMG_3152Rakeam Dorsey is a 15 year old boy who currently attends Mercy Vocational High School. He will be a sophomore, focusing on computer technology. He would like to be a computer hardware engineer. He chose Type 2 Diabetes as his topic of interest because he believes that Type 2 Diabetes is starting to affect teens and not just adults. During the program, the dancing workshop impacted him the most because he was able to conquer his fear of dancing and it also changed his perspective of what “being active” means. Drexel College of Medicine gave him more confidence and a new understanding of being active. He did learn one important life lesson from this program which is “Don’t be afraid to be who you are but, be afraid of who you’re not.”


IMG_3131 Jordan Goins attends Roman Catholic high school. He is fromSmyrna, DE. He is 15 years of age. Jordan’s project is about suicidal teens in the U.S. His topic is important to him because his friend was close to someone who committed suicide, and he saw how greatly it affected her. His goal is to raise awareness in youth suicide. His favorite sport is basketball, which he plays. His favorite thing to do other than basketball is listening to music whenever he gets the chance. He chose this program because he felt that it would be a good experience in enhancing his research skills and his public speaking. He really enjoyed the improvisation workshop because it helped him overcome his fear of speaking in front of people.


IMG_3141Zakia Harris is 16 years old and attends Mercy Vocational High School. Philadelphia Ujima impacted her life by helping her meet new people and it also provided her many opportunities to learn about research and participate in college tours. Zakia enjoyed this program because she was also able to work on public speaking. She chose to research how the hip-hop and RnB music industries encourage teenage alcohol use. She chose this topic because of her family history and she felt that it was a pertinent issue to address amongst teens. For her final project Zakia developed a video.



IMG_3121Abranee McKnight is an upcoming junior at Mastery Charter School-Pickett Campus. She is 16 years old and currently resides in East Falls. Abranee’s topic for her final project is Cyberbullying. She chose this topic because she believes not enough attention is shown on this form of bullying. The Ujima program has had an absolute impact on her. Abranee is inspired by the topics around her to spread the information that she learned and keep others informed.




IMG_3119Briana Morales is a 16 year old female who enjoys cheerleading and dancing. Currently, she is a student at Cheltenham High School. Her project is on STD’s amongst teenagers located in the Pennsylvania area, she plans on displaying her message in the form of two poems in the perspective of a mother and daughter. She chose STD’s as her topic because recently in school she found out a few of her peers had Herpes and she wanted to enhance her knowledge on STD’s. Because of her love for dance, the dancing workshop was her favorite during the six weeks at the Social Media Internship. Her poem is called A day I will never forget ( part 1 & part 2 ).



IMG_3104Taylor Muse is seventeen years old, and will be a senior at Lower Merion High School. Taylor is from Ardmore Pennsylvania and enjoys reading and being on the computer. The topic that Taylor has chosen for this project is “Rape Culture”. She chose this because she is heavily interested in the debate on the topic that has circled around the In- ternet for the last few months, and more people need to be educated on this issue. The goal of her final project is to make a video that will make people more knowledgeable about this “Rape Culture” and hopefully make people reevaluate their behavior.



IMG_3110Johvany Plaisime is 16 years old and he is currently a junior at George School. He enjoys watching and participating in sports. He plays two varsity sports Football and Wrestling and enjoys playing recreational basketball with his friends. His topic is about Teen Obesity and he specifically focuses on the nutritional aspect of it. He is interested in this topic because he cares about his health and he wants other people to be educated on how to eat healthy. The goals of his project are to decrease obesity in teens and to help people live a healthier lifestyle.



IMG_3127Johvensky Plaisime is 16 year old and currently attends George School in Newtown, PA. His project is about gun violence amongst teen males in Pennsylvania. Although he found the program to be very challenging at times, he gained some new skills in the process. During this program, he has learned the value of using scholarly sources of information and worked on his public speaking skills. He currently plans on returning next year with new ideas.



BrookeRayBrooke Ray was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is 17 entering her junior year at Mercy Vocational. She believes that being a part of the Drexel Ujima internship is the greatest opportunity that happened to her in the sum-mer of 2014. Having this wonderful opportunity has given her inspiration to inform teens about unhealthy relationships and what to do when in an unhealthy relationship. She enjoyed all the workshops because it was a new experience.



IMG_3116Daniella Stewart is a 16 year old girl who attends Mercy Vocational High School. Philadelphia Ujima provided her many opportunities to gain daily exposure to college life. Also she gained critical thinking skills that will benefit her as a nurse. She wants to attend college to become an RN because she comes from a family of nurses. Her topic is domestic violence. She chose this topic because she feels that we as a society should increase the awareness of domestic violence.



IMG_3126Sameen Thompson is a 15 year old boy who attends Northeast Magnet School. He wants to study sports therapy and his favorite sport is football. The football players he admires are Alfred Morris and Lesean MCcoy. He also enjoys playing basketball, football, and track. He chose this program to gain leadership skills. He really liked the acting workshop because it was something that he enjoys to do. His topic is about marijuana abuse in teens. He chose this topic because he wants teens from all over to stop abusing marijuana. Sameen developed a video about how marijuana messes with an individual’s future for creative project.



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