Jeremiah Allen

For my final project, I created a video. For my video I will be modeling. To me, modeling demonstrates self-confidence and strength. My song that I will be modeling to is called “Work” by Britney Spears. I feel that LGBT youth can gain self-esteem through dance and self-expression.



Derrick Brown

For my final project I developed a brochure that includes a story about a teen boy who needs to be tested. I want other teens to really understand the importance of getting tested for HIV.




Kai Burton

My website is about Depression and the people around you. The focus of my website is to famil-iarize people with the signs of depression as well as provide information on different treat-ment options. Other topics that you might find on my website are ways that you can talk to a friend or loved one who may be depressed, without being too cautious or over-sensitive. You can also find the sources that I used in the last tab on my website under “bibliography”.




Cierra Coleman



Rakeam Dorsey



Jordan Goins

Kyle Henderson is a sophomore at Rosemore high school and suffers from depression due to school and the death of his father. He is the star quarterback and captain of the football team. Amber Johnson is also a sophomore at Rosemore high school who is bullied by the other girls in school and she is dealing with the death of her father too. Both teenagers think about the idea of suicide until they come across each other and develop of friendship and forget about the whole idea of ending their lives. As their friendship grows, they learn to deal with their problems the correct way.

Sophomore year is a few weeks away from ending and Kyle Henderson is relieved. He has been dealing with his grades dropping. He started high school with straight A’s and honors. But the death of his father turned him the A’s and honors into D’s and F’s. His father died in a plane crash on a business trip. The bad news affected Kyle so badly that he spent days in his room without eating. Kyle thought life couldn’t get worse than it already was. When weeks went by, and he realized his grades were dropping and this meant that he wouldn’t be able to play football. Kyle was depressed and felt alone. He got so depressed that he pondered on the idea of suicide. That all changed when he met his soon to be best friend, Amber. Amber Johnson was a straight A student in her freshman year and was a good student. When her father died in a plane crash too, she became depressed and started missing school. Girls started bullying her and she had thoughts of suicide too. Kyle and Amber met each other when they were in the counselor’s office. The counselor brought them together because she felt they could help each other. Kyle shared his problems and that he was thinking about committing suicide. Amber shared her problems and that she was thinking the same thing. Then they realized that both of their dads were on the same plane together. This made them even closer. Kyle still had the thought of suicide, so he would try to talk to his teammates about it, but didn’t mention that he was the one thinking about it. Talking to his teammates didn’t help him and it didn’t change his thought. Amber tried talking to her relatives, but didn’t mention it was her either. So Kyle and Amber thought it would be helpful to talk to each other about it. This time it worked out for the both of them. Kyle helped Amber with her problem, and Amber helped Kyle with his.  As time went on, they learned to deal with their problems the right way and they encouraged each other when they needed help. Kyle went back to being the straight A student he was before and learned to talk about how he feels about his dad. Amber stood up to the girls that picked on her. She confronted them about it and told them she was thinking about killing herself. They felt guilty, ashamed of themselves, and realized they were being cruel. Once Amber stood up to her bullies, they did not bother her again and actually became her friends. Amber also went back to doing well in school.



Zakiya Harris

Should I do it?

Two girls named Tira and Spring are going to the biggest party of the year on a Friday night. Tira and Spring are in the party enjoying themselves. They are dancing and talking to their friends. Tira grabs a drink and tempts Spring to drink it as well. Spring begins to think about the benefits and consequences about drinking whatever is in this cup? What will she choose? 




For those who lost their voice

By Abranee Mcknight

It starts with one word…

A simple word that can start a chain reaction of hurt

Fat, stupid, ugly, worthless, hoe, weird

These are the things you hear from not just by one or two people but from thousands.

Day by day they torment you and it hurts so bad that you start to believe no one cares and just wish to disappear.

I am here to tell you that I care about you and to remind you that you are important and special.

You have to remember that you are the only one who has control over you

Your bully can not make you cut yourself or kill yourself I know you never asked for this

I know you keep wondering why you

I know you didn’t ask for their comments or criticism

I know that they do not even know you

And yet, what they say really affects you

But I’m here to tell you to hold on

Hold on to the beauty that you have.

Do not put ugly scars on your beautiful bodies because of what they say

Hold on to your sweet attributes and your happiness

Do not give the keyboard the power over you

Depression is not something to be taken lightly and I know it is gripping you tightly

But you have to break free!

Hold on

I will be the voice for you to tell others how you feel. Cyberbullying needs to be stopped.

Words hurt and leave victims hopeless and wanting to die

We need to be mature and cut this foolish behavior off

Stop being a coward and hide behind false accounts to put others down cause you are truly the weak one

For those who lost their voice.. Have the confidence to speak up for yourself and do not give up on yourself

You are truly stronger and braver than you think



Brianna Morelas

For my final project I wrote two poems. The first poem is spoken from the perspective of a young teenage girl who just recently discovered that she had an STD and she blames her mother for the outcome. The second poem is written from the perspective of her mother, who feels she has misled her daughter and blames herself for her child’s STD.



Taylor Muse

My video presentation is about Rape Culture and it’s prevalence in society. Rape Culture is the normalization of physical,, emotional, and sexual terrorization of any subject; making sexual violence acceptable. The goal of my video presentation is to help teens understand that this culture surrounds us everyday and something needs to be changed. I hope that teens will be affected by my video and ask themselves if they are contributing to the rape culture. Ultimately, I want my generation to combat the problem before it affects our future as well.



Johvany Plaisime – creator of a teen obesity mobile app

I  chose to make this app because I care about my health and I want other teens to be educated on how to eat healthy as well. Teens are always using their cell phones to connect with one another; so I wanted to create a tool that would be beneficial, accessible and creative for teens and adults to use. The goal of my project is to decrease obesity in teens and I want to assist people in generating a healthier lifestyle.



Johvensky Plaisime

Leon is a senior at Newman-Goretti High School. With a full basketball scholarship to Duke University, he finds that he has so much stress and does not know how to handle social peer pressure. He finds that he is the victim of teen bullying and contemplates if using a gun will solve his problems. Will he make the right decision?



Words Hurt

By Brooke Ray

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words can hurt me too. Pain has been sleeping with me all day and night. Why every time I want to speak you want to fight?

I have dreams that I want to see come to life,

but you always say I won’t make it

I lose all connections with my family and friends just to be with you.

You always say nothing I do is good enough.

Whenever I’m wrong I’m a slut or hoe. Your Words cut so deep it’s like my heart doesn’t even beat. There is no longer that glow you use to see in me anymore. To you I’m just a stupid WHORE

You said that if I leave, open doors and opportunities will vanish

I’m a born sinner. I try to be perfect only just for you. I will never be worth any-thing to you. I should just stop having confidence

I’m starting to believe everything you say. I know you love me when you say you hate me.

All I wanted was to satisfy you




Daniella Stewart

Under the mentorship of Philadelphia Ujima, Daniella created a praise dance to the song title, Still I Rise by Yolanda Adams. She picked this song because its message encourages those who are suffering to find alternate means to help themselves.  With her dance, Daniella hopes that indiviuals who are in an abusive relationship, can rise above anything.



Sameen Thompson developed a video about marijuana use in teens and how its use can influence the opportunities one has.

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