My name is Cierra Coleman and I will be a junior at Mastery Charter School in August. I live in North Philadelphia near Temple University, so my community is very diverse. I like sports a lot and consider myself to be athletic. I used to be a cheerleader, but now I spend more time doing gymnastics. I chose Dyslexia as my topic because I found it to be very interesting and wanted to learn more about it. I joined this program primarily because I was interested in health and technology.




My name is Alex Dittmar and I am 17 years old. I am a rising senior at Central High School, part of Class 273. I grew up in Chicago, Illinois and currently reside in West Philadelphia. I was junior class president, and am currently the president of the drama society and choir. I have participated in the school musical every year since 5th grade. I am also very interested in politics and sports. I chose the topic of Bipolar Disorder because I find this area of mental health to be extremely complex and interesting. Bipolar Disorder is not well understood in society. I want to help raise awareness and help take away the “crazy” stigma that is attached to being Bipolar. If people can raise awareness about bipolar, then maybe we can find the cause and eventually find the best possible way to control it.



My name is Eddie Ferebee and I am a rising senior at Mastery Charter, Thomas  Campus. My topic is sexual abuse. I chose this topic so that I can speak out for all woman that are dealing with this issue. Also I want women to realize how it is possible to speak out. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball and watching sports with my friends. One day I want to create a web page so that victims can talk to someone or file a report on their abuser.




My name is Michael Ferebee. I am a self motivated sophomore at Mastery Charter, Thomas Campus. I enjoy playing basketball and plan on pursuing a career in architecture and design. I joined this program because I thought it  would be a good opportunity for me. I chose my topic because I believe we need to stop the high level of gun violence in Philadelphia. I always see people dying on the news and I always hope that it is not a close friend. No one should have to look on  the news and be worried that a family member or a friend is dead and they shouldn’t have to go through the stress of losing         someone to gun violence.




Hello, my name is Nadaira Green. I’m 17 years old. I attend Mercy Vocational High School. I am studying nursing and will be a CNA.  My topic is the influence of social media on teen dating violence. I choose this topic because many teens are currently in relationships. Those in abusive relationship often do not know how to get out or where to seek help. I hope my social media project helps teens to stop being scared, get help, and to stand up for what they know is right.




My name is Kene Ilodigwe.  I am 15 years old and I live in Upper Darby. I am from Nigeria, Africa and I love Chinese food and other cultures. I picked the topic of cyber bullying because I was bullied throughout middle school. The only way I got over it was through the help and support of other people who saw that it was wrong. When I got to high school everything was good and still is. I have so much confidence in myself, I get out more, and I have friends that inspire me and push me to better things.




My name is Jazara Morales. I enjoy singing, dancing and playing sports in my spare time. I also enjoy eating, so the topic of what I should be eating intrigues me. Growing up in a family where we basically ate what we want, it was extremely hard to eat healthy when most people around me were not. Fortunately, I am extremely active so that definitely helped out my health condition even though I wasn’t eating very healthy. Since I will be going off to college,  my topic, college nutrition is important to me. I need to learn the benefits of eating a healthy diet as well as what a healthy diet should contain. Since I will now have a new found freedom of choosing what I will eat, I will hopefully choose to pick healthier foods  rather than a high fat filled meal. Eating schedules  can also help, considering that a college student’s academic schedule is usually hectic,  so finding the right time to eat is critical. Also, resisting the urge to eat a full course meal after 7:00pm which includes snacks of any sort. Fearing the “freshman 15” will also encourage me to eat healthier as I believe no one wants to gain 15 pounds in a year. Learning about college nutrition is essential because the habits you learn now, will follow you for the rest of your life.

My name is Anjo Parkhomchuk, I am 18 years of age and currently attend Mercy Vocational High School. Studying business is what I love to do mostly in my school. Growing up, music and poetry became a big part of my life. It completes me in some unique way. Interning at Drexel College of Medicine is a great experience.  The project that I have completed is about Peer-Pressure in Romantic Relationships. From time to time we make bad choices, and it is often caused by peer-pressure. I want to speak out to teens because growing up, we have a very hard time knowing “WHO WE REALLY ARE.” This is why I chose this project. This is an amazing program and the one thing I did learn that will stay with me for life is; ” If you want change in this world, be that change.”



My name is Joseph Petty and I am a 17 year old senior at Cheltenham High School. I am a track and cross country runner for Cheltenham High School, and wish to one day run for a college team. My topic is fitness and the reason I chose this topic is because a lot of my peers would rather stay at home and watch TV then to do fun physical activity. I want my project to show teens the importance of living an active lifestyle,  because I’m an active person that likes to be outdoors and go for long runs.




My name is Kristen Walker and I am 16 years old. I attend school at Mercy Vocational High School and  this year I will be a junior cosmetology student. The topic that I chose for my project is self-injury.  I chose this topic because this is often a topic that most people are not of aware of.  Self-injury can be anywhere and you may not notice it.  That is why I want to use this social media project as a way to get people to understand more about this topic  so that people can be cautious of people who do injure themselves.




My name is Tyasjah Wrighton. I am a senior at Martin Luther King High School. My project is on Gonorrhea. The reason why I chose this topic is because I wanted to learn more about Gonorrhea. I find ALL sexually transmitted diseases interesting and important in today’s society.  I chose this specific STD because I hear it get thrown in the air a lot and I wasn’t very familiar with this particular one.




My name is Erica Zabala, and I am 17 years old. I am a senior at Mercy Vocational High School. I finished my junior year with a nursing assistant certification. I was freshman class president, secretary in my sophomore year, junior vice president of the student body, and now I am senior class president of the student body. I am also a student ambassador, member of choir, and the community service corps. I like to keep myself productive and busy, so I join a lot of activities that interest me. I want to enhance my skills in presenting so I thought this could give me more practice. This is why I chose to try out this internship after one of my teachers told me about it.

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