Are you thinking, I’ll worry about my health later?

Well, did you know millions of teens have illnesses, conditions and experiences that influence their health? 


Philadelphia Ujima’s Social Media, Health and Leadership Internship engages high school students in crafting youth health messages. It allows students to utilize socia media and other modalities professionally. Students creatively use social media to promote and reinforce health messages specifically tailored for teens. This internship enhances student’s understanding of health communication and how this scientific approach can be used creatively to inform, influence, and motivate teens about important health issues. Students chose a health topic that interested them and created a final social media project that seeks to improve the health of their peers. Intern final projects cover a wide range of topics including the gender implications of sexual health, mental health, and violence.

Find out what you need to know to be healthy for a lifetime!

Philadelphia Ujima Teen Interns have developed health promotion tools for you! Some of their focus areas include sexual health, teen pregnancy, childhood obesity, nutrition, fitness, mental health and peer pressure. The students have decided to portray these topics through videos, collages, poems, stories and presentations. Check out the summer projects page to learn more !

Check out our Meet the Innovators Page to learn more about the students who developed these projects! 

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