The Philadelphia Ujima Health Promotion workshops on HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS help people:

  • Identify healthy & unhealthy relationships
  • Enhance communication
  • Understand Intimate Partner Violence
  • Understand sexual health principles (including STDs and transmission of disease)
  • Understand the role of gender scripts in a relationship
  • Identify approaches & skills individuals can use to foster healthy relationships
  • Understand how to set appropriate boundaries
  • Increase awareness of how one’s own feelings & expectations influence relationships

The workshop also addresses:

 “Issues of breaking up”, “Avoiding distance & cheating”, and “How to fight fair”

Participants leave with an understanding of:

  •       Symptoms of a healthy and unhealthy relationship
  •       Tools to help increase communication & strengthen relationships
  •       Different types of violence
  •       Sexual health & its role in an intimate relationship
  •       Role of gender norms & expectations within relationships


Role-plays are used to demonstrate how to handle difficult situations while testing communication skills.


Additionally, participants are offered free HIV testing (provided by St. Christopher Hospital, HIV Testing Program).


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