Vignette 1: “Anything you can do, I can do better”

Gender roles and social norms determine how males and females should act in a relationship. However, there is a gender role reversal in this audio to help listeners understand that we may not always act out our gender roles just because society tells us to, which is perfectly fine. Just like Kayla in this audio is not your stereotypical “housewife, woman” because of her job as a police officer. However, Kayla knows what she wants and is comfortable with her gender and personality enough to negotiate within her relationship. It is up to us to determine our own gender roles and decide what we are comfortable with.

    • —Can you identify examples of gender roles and social norms in this vignette?
    • —How do you think the gender roles and social norms that you just identified affects Kayla’s and Michael’s relationship?
    • —How do you feel about Kayla’s gender role reversal?

Vignette 2: “ Breaking the rules”

Relationship violence is an underreported issue. As a victim, there can be many reasons why it is difficult to let anyone know about the problem whether it is a family member, friend, or medical provider. Therefore, it is important for us to recognize signs of relationship violence and be more sensitive towards the situation. This can help the victim become more comfortable with disclosing information and allow someone to get them the appropriate help they need.

    • —What do you think Maria and Dr. Smith’s office did wrong in this audio vignette?
    • —What would be a more appropriate response that Maria could of gave Tianna after learning about their relationships issues?
    • —How do you think Dr. Smith’s office has affected Tiana’s perspective about healthcare providers?

Vignette 3: : “Walking on eggshells”

Relationship violence can happen to anyone in any type of relationship whether it is heterosexual or homosexual. In the audio, Andrews experiences verbal abuse from his partner Vincent. They both experience the same social and gender roles as heterosexual people. However, social norms have stereotypes towards same sex couples that affect our judgment.  It is important for us to understand that same sex relationships can also experience the same types of violence as heterosexual relationship.

    • —Can you identify the signs of an unhealthy relationship in this vignette?
    • —After identifying the signs of an unhealthy relationship, do you think they are similar to a heterosexual relationship and why?
    • —Did this vignette offer a different aspect of relationships and why?


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