Male victims

I told my colleagues that I had scratched myself during the night due to a change in washing powder – actually it was my wife who did it, but I couldn’t tell them that.

[full_width][one_half]violenceMan[/one_half][one_half]  It is estimated that 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually (NCADV). Society usually depict relationship violence against women and that it does not happen to men. However, men can also suffer from relationship violence. It may or may not be physical violence however other forms of violence can be used against men such as threats from their wives or girlfriends to take their children away. [/one_half][/full_width]


  • Men can also go through the same types of abuse as women and teens such as:
    • Physical (burns, biting, bruises)
    • Verbal (name calling, yelling, screaming)
    • Sexual (inappropriate touching, abusive sexual contact of any kind)
    • Emotional (threats)
    • Electronic abuse (text messages, Facebook, Twitter, E-mails)
  • Here are a few examples of social norm beliefs towards men and relationship violence.
    • —Men can’t be abused by women because they are weaker.
    • —Men who are abused aren’t “real” men.
  • Challenges for male victims of relationship violence
    • —Domestic abuse shelters, agencies, and counseling resources are primarily for women only. It can be difficult for men to find support and help.
    • —Men are reluctant to tell the truth about their abusive relationship due to the fear that no one would believe them.
    • —Men are not taken seriously from agencies such as the police when they need help.
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