The Philadelphia Ujima Coalition includes partners from various community, academic, health and wellness, social service, faith based, and governmental organizations in Philadelphia. Each partner plays a specific and vital role in providing resources and implementing our various health-driven programs.

Philadelphia Ujima Core Project Staff


Ana E. Núñez, MD
Principal Investigator

Candace Robertson-James, DrPH
Project Director & Evaluation Lead
Contact for: programs, ujima events, general info

Lidyvez Mejia
Program Coordinator
Contact for: programs, ujima events, general info

Winnie Jones
Executive Secretary
Contact for: scheduling appointments and meetings

Philadelphia Ujima

Drexel University College of Medicine

Office of Urban Health Equity, Education & Research

Women’s Health Education Program

2900 Queen Lane

Philadelphia, PA 19129


Philadelphia Ujima Coalition Members

Business Partners
Studies have shown that better health is a major driver for a healthier economy. More businesses are recognizing that better health and productivity of their employees and community can translate into a better bottom line. Consequently, it is critical that businesses not only invest in worksite health promotion programs but also make the investments in community health strategies.

Greater Germantown Business Association
An association dedicated to encouraging and supporting businesses in the Germantown, Philadelphia neighborhood.
Liaison: John Churchville, JD, PhD

Data/Surveillance/Evaluation Partners
The public health community must frame their work in data. This data must be collected, analyzed and interpreted correctly to demonstrate need, changes, results or benefit of the work that we do.

Drexel University School of Public Health
Drexel School of Public Health is dedicated to improving health of communities and populations, educating students via a unique ‘community collaborative approach.’
Liaisons: Longjian Liu, MD, PhD, Darryl R. Brown, PhD, MPA

Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC)
PHMC is a public health institute that builds healthy communities through partnerships with government, foundations, businesses, and community based organizations
Liaison: Sarah Ingerman

Education/ School Partners
Schools can play a vital role in establishing healthy behavior patterns among young people that carry into adulthood. Not only do schools provide critical outlets to reach millions of children and adolescents to promote lifelong healthy behaviors, they also provide a place for students to engage in these behaviors, such as eating healthy and participating in physical activity.

Esperanza College with Eastern University
Education program through Eastern University, providing affordable Christian faith-based education to local Hispanic communities.
Liaison: Sheri Luckey, MS


Eastern University Academy Charter School

Born from Eastern University’s social justice mission and commitment to the Philadelphia community Eastern University Academy Charter School (EUACS) was envisioned as an institution with the school-university partnership at its core.  Eastern University was awarded a planning and implementation grant by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2004 to become part of the Gates Early College Initiative.   The Early College Initiative supports bridge-building between institutions of higher education and secondary schools, so that more and better-prepared students from underrepresented and underserved populations graduate from high school ready for high academic achievement.   The start-up was also funded by a grant from the Black Alliance for Educational Options Small Schools Project.
Liaisons: Yvonne Turner, EMBA

Benjamin Franklin High School
Public high school in Philadelphia dedicated to improving health and wellness of its students.
Liaison: Elana Evans

Mercy Vocational High School
Private, Catholic academic/career and technical education high school in Philadelphia.
Liaison: Bernadette Campoli

Villanova University Office of Health Promotion
Provides education, programming, and resources to improve students’ overall health across six dimensions: social, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and spiritual.
Liaison: Kathryn Poet, MS

Government Partners
Local, state and federal governments through various departments and agencies play an important role in health. They strengthen healthcare systems to achieve the goals of promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing health inequalities, providing primary care for individuals with limited access, responding to population needs, and
securing funding.

US Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health (OWH), Region 3
Government organization dedicated to health equity for women and girls. OWH supports innovative health programs, educates health professionals, and provides news and resources for the most up to date health information.
Liaison: Sarah Shrimplin, MPH

Philadelphia Dept. of Public Health, Div. of Maternal, Child & Family Health
Liaison: Rackell Arum

Pennsylvania Dept. of Health Chronic Disease and Health Promotion Div.
Coordinates state activities to promote health and prevent chronic disease.

Health Partners
Healthcare organizations are on the frontline of educating, caring, and forging significant and sustainable solutions to health issues in our community.

Drexel University College of Medicine/ Drexel University Practice Plan
Medical school with a history of gender-related health care still dedicated to teaching gender differences in medicine to improve health of all.
Drexel University Centers for Women’s Health
Provides comprehensive medical care specifically to women.
Drexel University Women’s Care Center
Offers gynecological care to women. Offers include: annual exams and PAP testing, hormonal balance assessments, STD testing, HIV testing, treatment for pelvic disorders, and more.
Liaison: Sandra Wolf, MD

Drexel University Executive Health and Wellness Center
Drexel’s center for providing health evaluations to maintain health of Drexel employees.
Liaison: Brenda Wills, M.Ed.

National Nursing Centers Consortium
Organization supporting nurse-led care, especially to the nations’ most vulnerable population: uninsured and poor.
Liaison: Jane Pray

Nurse Family Partnership Program
Community health program giving care and support to vulnerable first time moms and their babies.
Liaison: Jane Pray

Dorothy Mann Center for Pediatric & Adolescent HIV, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children
Providing services for children with known or suspected immunodeficiency disorders including HIV/AIDS.
Liaison: Barbara Bungy, MPH

Faith based Partners
Faith-based organizations are often the most stable, enduring, and trusted institutions, as well as the center of spiritual, social, and political life in many communities. Faith-based organizations are often very successful in providing community health programs; therefore they are essential in achieving the public health goals for healthier communities.

Calvary St. Augustine Episcopal Church
Episcopal Church serving Philadelphia Community.
Liaison: Sharon Congleton, Angela Holland

Berean Baptist Church
Baptist Church serving the North Philadelphia community.
Liaison: Patricia Stewart

Zion Baptist Church of Ardmore
Baptist church serving Ardmore, PA community members for over 116 years.
Liaison: Diana Robertson

Broad Street United Methodist Church

Methodist Church serving the Burlington NJ area for over 230 years.

Liaison: Cynthia Borgstrom

Fellowship Christian Disciples of Christ Church

A moderate, mainstream church body with many congregations across the US and Canada

Liaison: Sonya White

In the Light Ministries

A diverse congregation of many cultures and classes committed to missions and outreach for over 25 years.

Liaison: Lisette Centeno

Purple Towel Ministries

Liaisons: Dwight Franks & Sheri Luckey


Social Service Partners
Social service organizations have a major impact on improving the health of the community. They provide a spectrum of resources, support, services and expertise throughout the community. Social service organizations are often the first to call attention to a particular health issue and increasingly develop innovative solutions.

Congreso De Latinos Unidos, Inc.
Organizations dedicated to strengthening the Latino community through educational, health/wellness, workforce, and familial services.
Liaison: Caroline Campbell, LSW

Women with Outbursts of Love
Faith-based organization providing support services and public policy advocacy for women to improve health, image, and economic viability while pursuing the American Dream.
Liaison: Corina Adkinson

Council for Relationships
Nonprofit counseling, clinical education, and behavioral health research organization.  The Council’s mission is to help people understand, respect, and improve the quality of the important relationships in their lives.
Liaison: Amy Friedlander, MBA

George Talks
Liaison: George James, LMFT

Shapely Girl Fitness
Health/Wellness/Fitness Company dedicated to increasing health in women of all sizes.
Liaison: Debra Mazda

Drexel University Counseling Center
Drexel’s mental health center, providing support and counseling to undergraduate and graduate students.
Liaison: Pam Geller, PhD

Philadelphia Ujima Clinical Experts/Ambassadors
Physician Ambassadors
Asyia Ahmad, MD
Jill Foster, MD
Roberta Laguerre, MD
Nathalie May, MD
Shailaja Nair, MD
Ana E. Núñez, MD
Christine Soutendijk, MD

Community Resources
Community Legal Services
Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Freedom Credit Union
Women Against Abuse